My name is Nóra Erdei. I am a qualified tour guide and a tourism professional in Debrecen, Hungary.

I offer traditional as well as thematic and alternative tours of Debrecen and Hortobágy with Go local! attitude. All my tours are fully customized to your interests and requests and flexible on the day to take account of any special events taking place or the weather.



Interesting info about Debrecen, Hortobágy and Hungary

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Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city. It is located east of Budapest, in the Northern Alföld, a region which, when it comes to geothermal resources, is Hungary’s richest. A mere two-hour drive from the capital via the new motorway, it also boasts one of the country’s few international airports.

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Hortobágy tourism information


Proudly bearing its title of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hortobágy National Park is the perfect archetype of pristine natural landscapes. This is the place where everyone longs to find refuge from the monotony of modern human existence.

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Near Debrecen tourism attractions

Near Debrecen...

Your Debrecen sightseeing tour may well yield other unforgettable experiences if you use the city as a launching pad for further outings. Located a mere 20 km from Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló boasts Europe’s largest spa complex.

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Debreceni Aranybika Szálloda
Hortobágyi pásztorok
Debreceni városnézés
Debreceni Egyetem aulája
A debreceni Békás tó este
Debreceni Déri Múzeum
Hortobágyi pusztaötös
Debreceni városnéző séta
Debreceni Víztorony
Roncsbár Debrecenben
Debreceni Kossuth tér
Hortobágyi vadlovak
Városnéző séta Debrecen
Debreceni Református Kollégium nagykönyvtára
A debreceni Simonffy utca este
A debreceni Nagyerdő
fedezd fel Debrecent
A debreceni piac
A debreceni Piac utca

Favorite city

"Debrecen is one of my favorite cities in Europe - their mineral baths, especially, are the tops. But the city offers so much more, and I never would have discovered half of it without the help of Nóra Erdei. She's passionate about her home town and there's no one better equipped to show you around."

/Barbara Weibel, USA/


"We spent an amazing afternoon in Hortobágy with our guide, Nóra Erdei. She showed us around in the Hortobágy National Park. Nóri was very well-prepared, she told us a lot of interesting facts about the national park and the area. Besides being nice, she has good guiding skills as well. Nóri always paid attention to the group and to their needs. Thus, the group was very satisfied with her job, I could only recommend her to other groups too."

/Adrienn Molnár, Debrecen Summer School/

Walks & talks

"You are a very good guide! A real professional who understood exactly what these two visitors were interested in. You didn’t overload us with facts and figures. It was a pleasure to have so many interesting talks with you about life nowadays in Hungary."

/ Han and Frits, Holland/

A press trip

"I had the chance to meet Nora on a press trip and she showed me around Debrecen. She's a great promoter of the city and certainly an excellent tour guide!"

/Helene Bienvenu/


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